Advanced Record Cleaning

CLEAR record cleaner groove record cleaner

Deluxe Kit

£21.99 (Sold out)

The Seriously Groovy kit from clear groove!!

This great value set Includes Clear Groove Fluid plus 5 cloths and neoprene cleaning mats.

- 2x Neoprene Mats
- 250ml Clear Groove Advanced Fluid
- 3x Large Microfiber Cloths (for cleaning 12" records / LPs  - cloth size 30cm square)
- 2x Small Lint Free Cleaning Cloth (ideal smaller size for 7" & CD cleaning with fine microfiber )

The Mats provide a nice surface for cleaning & drying, lightly grips vinyl, wipe clean.

With the 5 cloths supplied you should never be without a fresh one to hand.

Clear Groove Advanced Fluid with a unique formula that removes dirt, dust, grease & grime leaving your records sparkling. Its anti static, streak free and anti bacterial too. The 250ml of fluid can clean upto 200 12" vinyl

Made from the highest grade ingredients, Unlike other cleaning fluids its free from impurities.

*not intended for use on delicate gramophone (shellac) records or acetates - For vinyl only.