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Stylus Medic Kit

£19.99 (Sold out)

Clear Groove Stylus Medic

6 piece set in zip bag.

Includes a range of tools for the cleaning & care of your turntable stylus.


Air Blower (For blowing away those annoyings bits of fluff that get trapped round the needle - gets rid of debris without having to contact the stylus - also handy for blowing vinyl surfaces free of dust / debris)

Micro Foam Dipping Pad (quick and easy dry cleaning of your needle with the help of micro pours - simply raise your cartridge up and down a few times)

Turntable Bubble Level (for correct adjustment of your platter and tonearm - essential for optimum tracking & performance)

Stylus Cleaing Fluid - Effective liquid needle cleaner to remove stubborn gunk

Stylus Cleaning Wand - mascara style hard bristle brush

Clear Groove Mag - This handy little credit card size magnifying glass will give you close examination of your needle tip and record grooves.