Advanced Record Cleaning

CLEAR record cleaner groove record cleaner

Super Concentrate

£34.99 (Sold out)

Clear Groove Super Concentrate.

1 Litre concentrate to mix with water.

Will make 5- 10 litres of effective record cleaning solution.

Contains a unique mix of Clear Groove's Advanced solvent formula and wetting agents. (full strength undiluted)

For best results mix with purified water.

Suggested Mixing Ratio 1 part concentrate to 4-9 parts water.  

You can base the strength of your solution on your own preference, situation, how dirty the records are to be cleaned and the method being used. For example in record cleaning machines a heavily water diluted mix will normally suffice.
For quick removal of surface dust a milder solution is all thats usually required. Heavily soiled records will clean easier with stronger fluid (and usually lots of elbow grease! - unless lucky enough to own a record cleaning machine)

Great value and allows you to experiment with full control over strength.

1000ml supplied (requires dilution - contains highest grade purified ingredients - alcohol and other chemicals)

Can make upto 10 litres of cleaner mixed with water.

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