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Ultra Cloths Pack


Clear Groove Ultra Cloths Precision Disc Wipes - (select pack size)

Superior Cleaning Power, Tough & Totally Lint Free.

For use with any cleaning fluid of your choice.

Whilst standard microfiber cloths are great at doing the job there is always a risk of slight transfer of dirt & debris from one record to another - Especially when used over a period of time , they sometimes release their fibres and are prone to attracting particles whilst not in use too.

The beauty of a semi disposable product is that by changing the cloth on a more regular basis you lower the risk of contamination from one disc to another, these are also totally lint free meaning no fluffy bits either - this makes thorough cleaning easier and more effective.

Also ideal for methods where separate cloths are used for different processes (such as applying fluid, wiping, rinsing, final polish.)

- Brilliant At Cleaning Records! - the result of stringent testing and developement.
- Semi Disposable
- Totally Lint Free & Ultra Strong
- Chemical Resistant
- High specification, non-woven hydro-entangled material. - Apertured surface matrix efficiently entraps residue particles.
- Highly absorbent - able to cope with the dirtiest records.
- Does not leave fibres behind - always clean wiping.
- Highly resistant to tearing, abrasion and scuffing.
- Excellent at Cleaning, polishing and buffing.
- Once Soiled Simply Throw away and use a new one. - Large Size Each cloth measures approx 30cm x 40cm and is sufficient to clean multiple discs.
- Can be folded, cut or scrunched to size for easier cleaning of 7"s and CDs

- Suitable for vinyl, CDs, shellac, acetates & 78's and many other surfaces around the home with a safe fluid of choice.
These can be used with any record cleaning solution - Obviously we recommend Clear Groove Fluid (sold separately)