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Clear Groove  - Large Microfiber Cloth

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cleargroove record cleaner

Standard Large Microfiber Cloth as included with our cleaning fluid kit.


30cm x 30cm


Ideal for getting into the grooves of 12" records.


Strong and long lasting for every day use.


Available with several of our record claning kits aswell as in our mega accesory packs Clear Groove Shop


Get this cloth free with our standard Clear Groove Kit or receive 4 in our cloth selection pack here

Clear Groove  - Mini Lint Free Cloth

Lint Free Mini Cleaning Cloth.


Ideal for the smaller 7" & CDs.


approx size 15 x 15cm.


These cloths are included in several of our disc cleaning packages and as part of the mega cloth pack, please view our full range here

Clear Groove  -  ULTRA CLOTHS *new



an exciting new alternative to standard micro fiber!


These totally lint free tough cleaning wipes are brilliant for cleaning records and made to the highest specification. The result of stringent testing and developement.


For use with your fluid of choice they are extremely effective and lessen the risk of loose fibers and transfer of dirt from one record to another.

Even with just a quick wipe dirt is transfered to the cloth and not just wiped around the grooves!


checkout the shop for more information about these brilliant cloths here


Or try them in our record cloth mega pack here


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