Clear Groove Concentrate *New

Clear Groove Concentrate *New

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Clear Groove Concentrate

Clear Groove Advanced Fluid in concentrated form (without dilution)

Simply mix with water to your desired strength. For best results use demineralised pure H2O. 100ml makes up to 1 Litre of cleaning fluid!

Our concentrate allows users to adjust strength of the cleaner depending on your needs.
Its also a great way to save on delivery and potential shipping issues for example if you live overseas. If you own a record cleaning machine and go through a lot of fluid this is a great option.

Comes with mixing guide - 100ml makes 500ml to 1 litre cleaning fluid*

1000ml makes up to 5 to 10 litres*

*depending on dilution rate and required strength - For general manual cleaning 4 parts water to 1 part concentrate is a good starting point - Heavy dilution with water works well for rinsing with record cleaning machines.