Ultra Cloths - For vinyl cleaning

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Clear Groove™ Ultra Cloths

Large lint free cleaning cloths pack.

Semi disposable wipes - very strong - practically impossible to tear.

For high precision record cleaning.

  • High Specification Cloths
  • Micropore Technology - Holds on To Dirt
  • Suitable for Vinyl, CD and many other surfaces
  • Absorbent, Trap Dust, dirt & oils
  • Totally Lint Free
  • Safe to use with all types of solvents
  • Non abrasive
  • Super strong - Semi disposable
  • Non leaching
  • Size 30cm x 40cm

These may be folded, scrunched up or cut to smaller pieces -with a large surface area so you can clean with a fresh section every time.

Excellent for cleaning all types of disc such a vinyl and CD. - Leave no fluff whatsoever!