7" Record Divider A-Z Kit

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Filotrax Dividers with tabs 7" A to Z Kit
28 Dividers (1 for each letter of the alphabet + 2 spare) + Sheet of A-Z Stickers.

Make it easier to find a specific record and get your collection organised and looking professional!

Use either way up ( vertically or horizontally) in any existing shelving, racking or vinyl storage allowing for extra 2cm clearance.

Simply stick labels on as required & slot them in!

You can choose which way up to stick the labels on your dividers depending on whether your records are stored vertically or horizontally. The sheet contains extra labels so you have a few spare to customise how you wish.
A neat solution for organising your 7" collection!
Great for filing A-Z by artist name etc...
Please choose your divider colour.