Loudspeaker Cable - Clear - 3.3mm2 12 AWG 2 x 100 strand

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Clear Speaker Cable 

Length sold per meter

Transparent, with a black polarity to identify negative connection

2 x 105 strand / 2 x 3.3mm2 / 12 AWG

Suitable for most general home HIFI setups and smaller DJ / PA systems with an AWG of 12 Which means can travel some distance and cope with 4 to 8 ohms at high power.

The thickness of the wire is represented by its gauge or referring to the American Wire Gauge (AWG). The thicker the wire the lower the gauge number & the thinner the wire the higher the gauge number or AWG. For example, a 12 AWG is thicker than an 18 AWG wire.

This is a medium to heavy duty wire suitable for most audio installations from amplifier to speakers.

just choose the quantity in meters you require - £1.95 per meter
Thinner white cable also available - please see other items