Shelf Markers A to Z kit - Compact Set 9 Dividers

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Mushroom' Markers mini A to Z kit

Pro Plastic strips for organising shelves complete with alphabet labels.

A scaled down set of 9 dividers and Labels.

With categories: ABC - DEF - GHI - JKL - MNO - PQR - STY - VWX & YZ

Suitable For indexing Books, Files other media.

800 micron plastic
Overall length 35cm -  Tab protrudes 5cm
Stem Size 4cm wide / 30cm (12") long + tab - stem can be cut down to size

9 'Mushroom' Style markers supplied with sheet of labels.

Can be used vertically or horizontally - see photos for demo of use with books 

Blanks and full Alphabet kits also available.

Not freestanding - best used in tightly packed bookshelves.

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