Vinyl Cleaning Fluid (Choose Size)

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Clear Groove™ Advanced Record Cleaning Fluid

  • Powerful Cleaning  - Penetrates deep and loosens microscopic debris.
  • Easily dissolves dried on stains & cleans dirt, dust, grease & grime
  • Reduces surface noise, improves dynamics & the overall sound-stage
  • Leaves discs shiny like new!
  • Anti Static / Anti Microbial / Quick Dry Formula
  • High strength with purified ingredients - No residue
  • Suitable for manual cloth method & record cleaning machines
  • The original Clear Groove Formula
  • Made in the UK

For vinyl discs only.

Please select your bottle size - the larger volumes are suited to use with any RCM (record cleaning machine) or with cloths and soft brushes - The 250ml & 500ml atomisers will go a long way! - for example the 250ml is ample to clean over 150 LP's.

Fluid only - kits with cloths also available separately.