Rinse Out pure water gramophone shellac cleaner

Rinse Out - Pure Water Base

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Clear Groove™ Rinse Out - 5L

Ultra Pure water with anti surface tension additives.

Can be used anywhere where pure water is advised or to dilute existing cleaners and make DIY mixes. Also suitable for gentle cleaning of non vinyl discs (Shellac gramophone records) and as a final rinse after other cleaners.

Contains Ultra Pure water with our special formula additive that reduces surface tension for optimum cleaning ability in the final product.

Rinse Out has several uses for the record collector.

It can be used 'as is' for gentle solvent free cleaning & final rinsing or as the main dilute in commercial preparations and DIY Recipes.


  • Rinsing: If your worried about cleaning fluids leaving a residue or loose particles still left on record surfaces then this is the product for you. - Use for a gentle final rinse after any other cleaning method. This extra part of the cleaning process ensures the most thorough results! For a final cleansing after using traditional fluids simply use a small amount of this rinse aid to wipe record surface, and leave to dry.
  • As a Gentle Cleaner: Simply Moisten Cloth with Rinse Out, wipe and leave to dry or use to fill your record cleaning machine. This product is strong solvent free but always air on side of caution and be careful cleaning non vinyl material discs. 
  • As a Base Ingredient / Dilute: Use In place of pure water in any cleaning recipe or mix with any other cleaning solution as the main diluting element. Suggested ratio 50-95% Rinse Out. Follow manufacturers instructions on existing concentrates and use Rinse Out as the water element.

Note: In its neat form the lack of solvent may mean an extended drying time.

Please take precautions when cleaning delicate discs such as old gramophone records.

This is a specialist product for certain types of disc cleaning applications as described above, Its not a standalone record cleaner for normal everyday vinyl, for this we suggest our Clear Groove record cleaning fluid sold separately.

Part of Clear Grooves Precision record care product range.

Sold in 5 litre drum.