T-total Cleaning Fluid (Choose Size)

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Clear Groove T-Total™ - Record Cleaning Fluid

A refreshing formula made with natural extracts that removes dirt, dust & grease from the surfaces of your vinyl.

Developed for those that would like an alternative to standard chemical based products.

  • Special formula made with natural extracts
  • Gently cleans & reduces surface noise
  • Improves dynamics & the overall sound-stage
  • Alcohol & Harsh Chemical Free
  • For machines and manual cleaning methods
  • Compatible with Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines
  • Non flammable, non toxic
  • Tough on dirt but gentle on records, skin & the environment
  • Purified ingredients, free from contaminants
  • Unlike other alcohol free cleaners Its fairly quick to evaporate
  • Hassle Free - It does not require dilution or mixing before use
  • Pleasant aroma!
  • Manufactured in the UK

Please select your bottle size: the 250ml comes with spray attachment, the 1 litre with screw top - both suitable for use with cloth, soft brushes or record cleaning machines. Fluid only - for kits with cloths please see other items.

Both T-Total & our standard Clear Groove fluid is intended for use on normal VINYL RECORDS only - its recommended that older shellac/gramophone discs/78's and acetates should be cleaned very carefully and with pure water only.