BULK Record Cleaner - 250ml Fluid

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CLEAR GROOVE® Fluid Bulk Deals

Advanced Record Cleaning Fluid 250ml bottles with atomiser spray for resale - supplied without cloths.

A quick selling popular product with a suggested resale of £9.99 to £14.99 per bottle - Great margins for music retailers, record shops and stall holders!

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Free Tester bottle,  posters and point of sale available on request.

Product Details:

Clear Groove™ Record Cleaning Fluid 250ml

Advanced Record Cleaning Spray

The professional record cleaning fluid that's quick, easy and effective!

Penetrates deep within the grooves of records and loosens microscopic debris.

  • Easily dissolves dried on stains & cleans dirt, dust, grease & grime
  • Removes greasy finger marks leaving discs shiny like new!
  • Powerful Cleaning that Improves dynamics & the overall sound-stage
  • Anti Static
  • Quick Dry Formula
  • Destroys Microbes. 
  • Made in the UK

 also available with cloth or retail boxed or bagged.