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As a long-time owner of Minipod Speakers (originally Blueroom minipods) I am a massive fan of quirky loudspeakers and will never own a boring black box pair
again - These iconic speakers were designed by Founder Simon Ghahary in the early 90's, link to history below.


I'm still in love with the design of the minipods and with one of my current speakers starting to sound distorted and an imminent lounge revamp I started looking at what's available.

To my surprise Scandyna seem to have passed the pod design to another company

What is disappointing is the lack of colour choices now - just boring black/white or red?

The new big pods look beastly though : )


Checking second hand listings on ebay didnt turn up much either - it seems the pods have become a little scarse and perhaps more desirable than ever!!!

Oldskool blueroom Pods

in the old days the colour choices were much bigger!


Originally With the Bowers and Wilkins drivers and always sounding great - however having been through 3 pairs I know they don't last the test of time when used daily -  especially when rinsed with banging techno at full wattage! - probably over driven to be fair -  The tweeters often go....they are quite easily repaired / reconditioned though.

bluetooth pods

modern offerings come with bluetooth connectivity

modern pods

the latest re-incarnation available at

colours pods

all those colours : )

Anyway ive been looking around and have found some modern alternatives that have a similar funky space age design........theres some cool stuff on the market these days when you delve in closely.
Also boasting modern features such as wireless bluetooth connectivity - Not sure they beat the minipods for aesthetics and originality though?

Anyway here are some cool loudspeakers to consider:

Post Modern Minipods
official site: pod speakers -


Edifer Luna Eclipse


Small Active speakers with a pod sort of feel- look great on the stands!


EDIFER LUNA ECLIPSE WITH OPTIONAL STANDS - Available in red, white or black colour.

Gallo Acoustics
High end compact spherical speakers by Gallo Acoustics - love the range with excellent choice of colours and even bespoke!

gallo speakers spheres

they also do an outdoor waterproof version! Not cheap but you get what you pay for.

A Diva version from Gallo Acoustics

waterproof version from Gallo Acoustics


Gallo Stradas look like they pack a punch!

Gallo blue spherical speaker

A great choice of different colours and models available on these - even a 24 karat gold deluxe version!!

An ebay serch turned up these - wow!! £50,000 - Cabasse L´Ocean

expensive speakers

They look stunning but lets come back to earth a minute!!

Checkout the slightly less expensive Orb Audio Eclipse TD508II-UD approx £700 - look very much like micro pods and love the mounting brackets

orb speaker

orb 2

Orb Eclipse high end speakers


Read more on the original Blueroom Minipods Story here

The original Creators - Blueroom Trance Record Label




MACKIE SPEAKERS - Not pods but excellent design all the same!

While on the topic of speakers and after looking at there latest offerings I must mention the brand Mackie.
I have a small pair of active monitors (built in amp) on my office PC and love them, the sound is truly amazing for there price point and small size.

mackie crx speakers UK

I would happily recommend Mackie CR series speakers to anyone - I think the offer exceptional value for money and superior sound.


The newer models also come with bluetooth, ideal for connecting to your phone / turntable or whatever.
They also do a matching subwoofer for the CRX series. Im pleased to say there are some limited edition design choices too that look pretty incredible.

Mackie Limited editions

Stepping it up even further you can get there big club speakers or bass bins!. Better stop I'm getting carried away again : )

oldskool space age record player
Checkout 15 spaceage record players

claire tone ad

Its worth mentioning that its no good having the best HIFI or decks and speakers if you records are all dirty and crackly so grab some of our cleaner to keep your discs sonically perfect 😁

clear groove for your vinyl


by the way just on the off chance if anyone out there has an audio or related product that they want me to review then I will be happy to receive any freebies😁 send to usual address - (btw this blog was not sponsored in any way I just love these speakers!) peace out ✌

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