Pimp my pods! - Blueroom Minipod speaker revamp!

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Speaker Re - spray Job and quick restoration! 

I recently purchased a joblot of micropod and minipod speakers.

These were mainly being sold a 'spare and repair' due to condition, paint missing, parts missing and in the case of this pair of minipods the center cones had been removed and they were covered in paint!

To my surprise they still sounded brilliant even with the missing cones.

I wanted to put them in my lounge so they needed to be repaired and restored.

I am by no mean a professional but think they turned out OK for the amount of effort.

I thought about replacing the main bass drivers but after looking on line its now not that easy to come by blueroom parts.

Then I came across some replacement speaker domes that you simply glue on - I measured for the correct size and when they came they were a perfect fit! - they did the trick nicely.

These were originally a silver pair of speakers which had been painted (badly painted) in black and it was all peeling off.

I looked around a found some gloss purple spray paint.

blueroom minipod repair re spray

covered bits in masking tape that I didn't want painted - as you do...

respray minipod speakerspurple coloured minipod speaker

amateur at work - watch out!!

It actually to 2 x 500ml tins in the end with multiple coats, it wasn't flawless but was good enough for me! - I taped the exposed parts with masking tape before painting them outside.

Overall pretty happy with this restoration that cost me around £20!

here's the final result: (yes I lost the before pics but they were in a right state, im surprised they even worked tbh)

Minipod on wall bracket

now looking and sounding sexy IMO 😎😍

note the shiny new tweeter domes that were simply glued on (previously was just a hole here on both units!)

Another nice touch was a pair of original wall mounts that were included when I purchased these, they were a little battered but I manged to get them securely attached to the wall. Love the way these brackets are designed by the way.

B&W Drivers in bluerrom minipods speakers

I've always loved the design of these - pretty sure they will remain my fav loudspeakers...

These were original Blueroom pods for around 2001.

They look funky and sound nice too 👍

note: we now sell speaker cable in the shop, its here

The much smaller micropods..hmm just not enough beef and bass for me - nice looking and ideal for surround sound satellites - that's about it - saying that the later version with built in amp and Bluetooth isn't a bad pair of active speakers for the size. However they just don't compare to minipods.

Read my other article about blue room minipod loudspeakers here


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